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Last modified: 31-Dec-1998

Martin Schwarz -- martin.schwarz@iname.com

All images have been created with the Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray). Select a thumbnail to view the full size image. All images Copyright © Martin Schwarz, all rights reserved.

pknife.jpg (640x480, 14K)

A swiss army pocket knife. This image is based on my contribution "msknife" for the November '94 raytracing competition on comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing (topic: "Tools"). I ran out of time, so I had to submit it unfinished. I continue working on it when I have the time...

Fan.jpg (640x480, 43K)

A japanese fan. The shape was built using the #while directive in POV-Ray 3. The image mapped onto the fan is Katsushika HOKUSAI's "The Great Wave", from "Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji", Tokugawa period c.1823-1829. (The original is a woodblock print, 14-3/4" wide, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.)

photo_realistic.jpg (640x480, 53K)

A magnifying glass floating over a piece of paper, magnifying the words "photo realistic". The lens is modeled as an intersection of two spheres, yielding real magnification and distortion -- yes, POV-Ray works that realistic!

Martin Schwarz -- martin.schwarz@iname.com

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